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Michael L. Benson

Mark C. Melko

Mark has over 20 years’ experience in business litigation and insurance defense work. Mark started his legal career at a small insurance defense firm, where he became the go-to person for business litigation and matters outside the “red light/green light” fact pattern.

Over the years, that small insurance defense firm grew to a firm of nearly 60 attorneys, where Mark chaired the business litigation department. He has handled major loss cases for several large insurance companies with particular experience in matters involving catastrophic injury, wrongful death, premises liability, product liability, Dram Shop, construction defect, riparian rights, shootings, and foodborne illness.

Mark has been statewide counsel for several retail, restaurant, and hospitality chains. On the business front, Mark has extensive experience in shareholder derivative cases, non-competition/non-solicitation cases, injunction hearings, business disputes, and landlord/tenant disputes.

While Mark enjoys the academic aspects of the practice of law, including drafting dispositive motions and appellate briefs, he really excels on his feet in the courtroom, having tried nearly 100 cases in state and federal courts throughout Ohio.

Mark’s style endears the jury to him and his clients and conveys the professionalism, creativity, and persuasiveness needed to drive results.

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